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Explore all the features you need to create your website and grow online.

Design feature


Design features

Mobile site editor

Customize the design and layout of your site for a seamless mobile experience.

Image filter

Edit and enhance your images with a large selection of filter options.

Entrance animations

Draw attention to where you want it most by adding dozens of animation effects to your site.


Showcase videos in a unique way. Edit the design of the box and 'play' button, add overlays, and more, to make your videos really pop.

Crop your images however you want, whether it's manually, by shape, or by ratio.

Custom fonts

Upload and use your own fonts so that your site fully matches the vibe of your brand.

Background images


Create eye-catching backgrounds for elements on your site using gradients.

Video for website

Transparent videos

Add videos with a transparent background made by leading designers or upload your own.

Website template

Website templates

Choose from 900+ pro-designed templates and customize one to make it your own.

Text Mask

Fill your text with a unique video, image or gradient to create an extraordinary visual.

Custom interactions

Make your site interactive by triggering animations when visitors perform specific actions, like hovering, scrolling, or clicking.

Shape Dividers

Add Shape Dividers to your strips and sections, and customize them to split the layout of your site in a more interesting way.

Vector Art

Add Vector Art to bring life to your site. Choose from 100s of free options or upload your own.

Add and customize sections on your site to begin structuring your pages and their content.

Customize slideshows to display images and content on your site in a unique way.

Slide show

Slide show

Customize slideshows to display images and content on your site in a unique way.

Custome interaction

Custom interaction

Make your site interactive by triggering animations when visitors perform specific actions

Video marketing

Interact with video

Add some action to your site using exclusive technologies like Video Box, Video Mask and transparent video



App Market

Gain access to hundreds of third-party apps to help you enhance your site and grow your business.

Multilingual website

Translate your site into multiple languages to communicate with visitors around the world and expand to new markets.

Code development platform

Add code to your site for advanced design control and functionality.

Page duplication

Duplicate pages on your site, or copy a page into a different site for increased efficiency and convenience.

Multiple site collaborators

Invite people to collaborate on your site and manage their roles and permissions.

Customize the 404 page that visitors see when trying to access a page that doesn’t exist on your site.


Customize Site Theme

Site menu design

Customize your site menu to improve navigation and promote specific pages with mega menus and submenus.

Social bar

Add a social bar to your site to display icons that link directly to your social media platforms.

Populate your site with images of your choice to make it look more professional and truly make it your own.

Free media from us

Choose from thousands of free high-quality images, videos, icons, and more to make your site stand out.

Video upload

Upload your content to your site, or add videos from YouTube, Facebook, and more to engage your visitors.